These are a few of our favourite places to see on the island.

You’ll spend a lot of time on Grace Bay Beach. It’s twelve miles of white sand and turquoise water, and you might just get to see Jo Jo, the famous bottlenose dolphin.

The Caicos Conch Farm is a world-famous attraction where you can learn how they grow conchs from tiny veligers into their iconic, full-grown form. Most of the water-sports take place here as well, from diving to deep sea fishing and everything in between!

On the next island over, you can find the Middle Caicos Caves, the largest chain of limestone caves in the Caribbean. While you’re there, you can take in the amazing limestone cliff-side at Mudjin Beach. Bring a lunch so you can spend your whole day snorkelling for sand dollars and lounging in the sand!

There’s a ferry to Middle Caicos, or you can book an excursion through a private tour company.